Dirty Work Landscape is Orange County’s preferred installer of residential and commercial irrigation and drainage systems. Proper irrigation and drainage are vital to the overall health of your landscape. These services allow water to be used most efficiently, ensuring your root systems are fed without any water going to waste. Another added benefit is the money you’ll save on your monthly water bill!

Using the latest in water conservation techniques, our team of experts will ensure your landscape not only survives, but thrives in the California drought.

Irrigation services:

  • Sprinkler installation (repairs, troubleshooting, revamping, rerouting)
  • Drip systems (installation, conversions, repairs, troubleshooting, tune-ups)
  • Sprinkler system tune-ups

Landscape Drainage services:

  • Repairs, troubleshooting, revamping, and rerouting

Southern California has several water conservation rebate programs for installing water-smart plants and sprinkler and irrigation systems on your property. We recommend you review and apply for the SoCalWater$mart Rebates to save money on your landscaping projects. Current rebate programs exist for turf removal and low-water irrigation technology.

Ask us about Drought-tolerant landscaping and Xeriscaping!


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