In Southern California’s dry climate, drought tolerant landscaping (a.k.a. Xeriscaping) is a great solution to conserve water and give your property a modern aesthetic. We will help you choose low-water plants, trees, and shrubs that don’t require a green thumb to keep them happy.


SoCalWater$mart Rebates!

Southern California has several water conservation rebate programs for installing water-smart plants and sprinkler and irrigation systems on your property. We recommend you review and apply for the SoCalWater$mart Rebates to save money on your landscaping projects.

Important Disclaimer: In order for your plants to thrive, they must be watered correctly. The California drought, faulty sprinkler systems, and over-watering can all take their toll on a lawn and plants. Dirty Work Landscape cannot guarantee the longevity of live vegetation unless we are managing the irrigation of your property. Learn more about our Irrigation Maintenance services.


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