When was the last time you had your sprinkler system tuned up? If your answer is “I don’t know,” you may be wasting water and money. Even high-end sprinkler and irrigation systems need regular maintenance and tune-ups to keep them performing efficiently. Over time, sprinkler systems that are not properly maintained can develop costly leaks and cause lawn damage from over-watering. The California drought is raising water bills and placing additional watering restrictions on home and business owners,  so it is more important than ever before to make sure you are using water efficiently. Our team of experts will ensure your landscape not only survives, but thrives in the California drought.

Dirty Work Landscape has a base price for a residential system of $80.00 for the first 4 zones and charges $10.00 for each additional zone. If the system is in need of major repairs and has more than five sprinklers that need to be straightened or raised, additional charges may be necessary.

Our 20-Point Precision Irrigation System Test and Tune-Up Includes:

      • Sprinkler Head Service and Tune-up:
        • Test all sprinkler heads for proper height and spray pattern
        • Adjust all spray heads for optimal coverage
        • Test all stations for sticking or leaking pressure seals on heads
        • Test sprinkler heads for proper location and minimal interference with plant material
        • Adjust sprinkler heads for minimal water waste
        • Clean spray head filters on any plugged heads
        • Clean sand or debris from any plugged sprinkler nozzles
        • Check all rotating heads for proper rotation


      • Control Valves & Piping Checkup:
        • Test irrigation valves and stations for proper operation including opening and closing
        • Inspect system for main supply line leaks
        • Test all stations for leaking piping and control valves
        • Inspect for proper system pressure
        • Check for missing valve box lids and covers
        • Check any low pressure stations for improperly adjusted control valves


      • Main Controls Inspection and Scheduling:
        • Test irrigation controller for proper cycling of irrigation zones
        • Check for controller backup battery
        • Check rain sensor connection at controller
        • Check for any loose wires at controller


      • Recommend an irrigation schedule for the controller (if requested): Write or email a basic schedule for proper watering and to minimize excessive watering run off.  This can be attached to the inside door of the controller.


      • Program irrigation controller (if requested):  Set a basic schedule for proper watering and to minimize excessive watering or run off.


Southern California has several water conservation rebate programs for installing water-smart plants and sprinkler and irrigation systems on your property. We recommend you review and apply for the SoCalWater$mart Rebates to save money on your landscaping projects.

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